Steve Muehler Companies has Introduced its “Single Asset Equity REIT” Investment Banking Product.

Today, Steve Muehler announced that the Firm has begun offering its “Single Asset Equity Real Estate Investment Trust” Investment Banking Product nationwide through its Equity Capital Markets Division.

According to Steve Muehler, “The Single Asset Equity REIT is the same as any other Real Estate Investment Trust, only a Single Asset Equity REIT is a closed-end fund as opposed to a continuous open-ended fund, and the Single Asset Equity REIT is tied to a large single income producing real estate asset as opposed to multiple real estate assets.”

According to released program guidelines, minimum ‘as-is’ real estate asset value for the Single Entity Equity REIT is $15 Million USD as determined by an MAI Commercial Real Estate Appraisal and must be currently income producing.

Steve Muehler continued, “Our Single Asset Equity REIT program offers both institutional and retail investors the benefits of commercial real estate investment along with the advantages of investing in a ‘liquid security’ with a secondary trading market. The investment characteristics include a single real estate asset that is currently income-producing that can provide REIT investors with competitive long-term rates of return that complement the returns of other stocks and bonds.”

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Steve Muehler

Steve Muehler

Steve Muehler -

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