Steve Muehler Commercial Insurance Expands into “Captive Builders Risk Insurance”

Steve Muehler, Senior Managing Member of Steve Muehler Companies, today announced the Firm has expanded its Builders Risk Insurance Products to include “Captive Builders Risk Insurance.”

In a Statement release by Steve Muehler today, “the industry standard for construction insurance today is the standard ‘Insurance Services Organization’s Commercial General Liability’ policy. This has seventeen specific coverage exclusions listed on the policy, each of which a policy buyer or owner can pay extra money for to include in their insurance policy. The moving parts of construction projects in today’s fast growing California Real Estate Market require a new and more broad risk management solution that can be customized to find that company’s unique needs, not a ‘cookie cutter — round peg, round hole’ approach that the industry is known for today.”

“With our new Captive Insurance product for California Constructions Businesses, the business owner can insure their risks, utilize more comprehensive coverages, and mitigate for serious financial and operational losses. Under our Captive Insurance product, the construction company pays premiums to the captive insurance company, just as they would to a commercial insurance company. Only here, the Premium Funds inside the captive can fund losses in case of an even of a loss, and the IRC 831-b offers a zero percent Federal Income Tax paid on the captive’s underwriting profits.”

Steve Muehler concluded, “Also unlike with traditional policies, if there is undistributed earned surplus, which essentially means there are no claims made in a given year, the funds can be distributed as a dividend or as a secured loan back to the operating company. With our Captive Insurance Program, premiums casts are lower simple because in the commercial markets, ‘special coverages’ tend to be more expensive.”

Note: Captive Insurance Products are generally not available commercially, and Steve Muehler Commercial Insurance works with a select group of Attorney-led Captive Insurance Planning & Administrators in providing captive insurance products & services. More information can be found at

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NEWS SOURCE: Steve Muehler Holdings, LLC

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Steve Muehler

Steve Muehler

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