Private Placement Debt Markets Introduces its “Payment Options Commercial Mortgage Loan” Program.

Steve Muehler
2 min readNov 7, 2021


The Private Placement Debt Markets this week introduced its “Payment Option Commercial Loan Program” which features two monthly payment options.

Steve Muehler, the Managing Member of the Private Placement Debt Markets, detailed the program as “The Payment Option Commercial Mortgage Loans are all thirty-year term loans with an option that allows the borrower to choose to make a total of twenty-four interest only monthly payments at any time during the first twenty years of the loan. Unlike traditional commercial mortgage loans that have interest only features that have set dates when the interest only payments can be made, this one allows the borrower to pick and choose when they make those interest only payments. This is just another great loan feature that allows business owners and real estate investors to pick and choose when they make the interest only payments, it can be in the first year or the nineteenth year of the loan, or spread out anywhere in between.”

The portfolio of Private Placement Companies is a growing global provider of Insurance, mortgage banking, commercial insurance, legal document preparation and Investment Banking products and services. Through its diverse portfolio of solutions, the Steve Muehler portfolio of companies enables Entrepreneurs and Business Managers to plan, optimize and execute their business vision with confidence, using advanced technologies that provide transparency and insight for navigating today’s Global Alternative Investments Capital Markets. As the creator of the world’s first set of Private Placement Markets, its technology powers more than 68 market segments and is growing it operations over the next 24-months to include 50 countries.

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